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ScentWorks Baby Bottle & Vegetable Cleanser
ScentWorks Baby Bottle & Vegetable Cleanser

ScentWorks Baby Bottle & Vegetable Cleanser

RM21.00 MYR
RM35.00 MYR
Tax included.
  • Gentle on Hands, Tough on Deposits
  • Use as Bottle/Dish Cleanser, Vegetable Cleanser, or even Hand Wash!
  • Formulated with plant-based ingredients
  • Effectively removes oily milk deposits and stains
  • Safely removes harmful pesticide residues and dirt from fruits and vegetables.


Its mild and gentle,ideal for everyday cleaning of baby bottles, teats, and other accessories while keeping your hands moisturised. It has been Dermatologically Tested to be safe for use. With a pH of 5-6, the cleanser is closer to the natural acidity of your skin.

Our Cleanser suds wonderfully to remove stubborn milk deposits and stains on bottles, as well as food and oil deposits on dishware and cutlery. It is tested by independent 3rd party laboratories to remove harmful pesticide residues from fruits and vegetables.

This cleanser is formulated with plant-based surfactants for a healthier and effective cleanser that can be used for the whole family. It is Paraben-Free. The cleanser does not contain any anti-bacterial ingredients, which can be chemically harmful for ingestion and unsuitable for infant products.

We think that well-washed items should smell zesty and fresh, yet a fruit and vegetable cleanser should not leave strange flavours on your food. The flavour profile on the ScentWorks cleanser has been formulated to achieve both purposes – just bright enough for zest, and light enough to preserve your food’s original flavours. Orange Sunrise is a refreshing citrus scent to Invigorate your day!

ScentWorks is designed for scent lovers. It has personal and household care products that are effective, and are filled with delightful sensorial experiences. ScentWorks products are formulated to be used by the whole family, and we make it safe for usage on infants whenever possible. ScentWorks is brought to you bySnapkis, a brand used and trusted by more than 100,000 parents since its launch in 2010.